Suggested Amounts

(1) Donations to the General Fund are dedicated to support the general needs of CLF, such as writing, publishing, teaching, A/V production and general cost of operations. We sincerely appreciate your generous support, these funds are the fuel that drives this mission.

(2) Tithing is the practice by which you systematically give a regular portion of your income to the source of spiritual blessings. This is viewed as an acknowledgment of or return given to the source of these blessings. Traditionally, this amount equals 10% - 15% of one's gross income and is given monthly or at the time of earning. If you have a regular income we suggest you select the automatic payment feature. 

(3) Matching Funds are created when a donor pledges an amount to be released when matched by other donors. The current challenge is to match $6,000, for a total of $12,000. You may give gifts of $500 or more toward this challenge. Help us reach and exceed this goal.

(4) The Legacy Endowment Funds are invested with the proceeds dedicated toward perpetually funding CLF. You may give gifts of $1,000 or more toward our goal of $3,000,000. This will ensure that these teachings will carry into the future to benefit all.



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